AS / NZS 2208 Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings
Administered by: Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
When is this code of practice required?

You will be required to comply with this standard if you intend to construct a flexible annexe which has a glass component. Your glass component must be installed and maintained in accordance with this standard. A flexible annexe is not to be attached to a park home.

A flexible annexe means an annexe made entirely of flexible material except for the supporting frame and any windows or doors, which may be made of flexible or rigid material.

This standard sets out test requirements for classification of safety glazing materials for use in buildings. It specifies the functional properties of various safety glazing materials including toughened glass, laminated glass, wired glass, organic-coated glass and plastic. Other requirements include size tolerances, weathering and ageing performance.

You must adhere to the latest version of this standard. Please consult the Contact Officer for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance that may be required.

What documents provide more information?

What legislation specifies this requirement?
  • Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Act 1995
  • Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Regulations 1997

Who can you talk to for more information?
Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
Floor 2 140 William Street
WA 6000
WA 6844
Telephone: (08) 6551 8700
Fax: (08) 6552 1555

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