Bus / Charter Vehicle Licence (F-Extension)
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When is this licence required?
If you intend to drive a bus or small charter vehicle for commercial purposes, you will require an F-extension to your current driver's licence. Your driver's licence must also authorise you to drive the relevant class of vehicle.

An F-extension is required to:

- Drive a motor vehicle carrying passengers during working hours as part of your general employment;
- Drive a motor vehicle carrying passengers during working hours which is incidental to your general employment and the motor vehicle seats more than 12 persons; or
- Drive a passenger carrying motor vehicle being operated as an omnibus, charter bus, or limousine.

You will not require an F-extension if you are carrying passengers in a voluntary capacity, if you are driving in the course of providing a child care service, or if you hold a T-extension to your driver's licence (a T-extension authorises you to drive a taxi).

If you intend to operate an omnibus, charter bus, or limousine hire business you will also require an omnibus licence.

Please consult the Contact Officer for more information.
What are the eligibility requirements for this licence?

To be eligible for this licence you must:

- Be at least 21 years old;
- Have held a driver's licence for at least four years;
- Hold the class of licence for the vehicle you intend to drive;
- Be a person of good character;
- Pass a medical assessment to demonstrate you are mentally and physically fit to drive a vehicle for the purpose of carrying passengers; and
- Provide a National Police Certificate.

Please consult the Contact Officer for more information regarding eligibility requirements.
How much does this licence cost?
Application: F-extension: $110.50.
Are there any specific application requirements?
Application You must attend a licensing centre and provide primary and secondary identification (your current Australian driver's licence can be used as primary identification and the names and contact details of two referees who are not family members and who have known you for at least four years. You will also be required to complete an eyesight test and application form.
What forms do you need to complete and what other documents provide more information?
Associated document: F-Extension Application Checklist Retrieve the 'F-Extension Application Checklist ' form.
Associated document: F-Extension FAQ Retrieve the 'F-Extension FAQ' form.
Initial application: Medical Assessment Certificate Retrieve the 'Medical Assessment Certificate' form.
Initial application: Driver's Licence Application Form Retrieve the 'Driver's Licence Application Form' form.
Can you lodge an appeal?
Yes, with any of the following appeal bodies:

State Administrative Tribunal:
What legislation specifies this requirement?
Road Traffic Act 1974
Road Traffic (Authorisation to Drive) Regulations 2008
Who can you talk to for more information?
Vehicle Licensing
Driver and Vehicle Services
Transport Services
Department of Transport
21 Murray Road South
WA 6106
Fax: (08) 9216 3899
Toll Free: 13 11 56